Turkish Flanges Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish flanges, Turkey flanges manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality flanges from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

GUVEN MUSLUK SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Sezgin KEMİKOĞLU    
s sanitarywares, plumbing materials, sanitation materials, faucets, mixers, mixtures, taps, plugs, bathtub faucets, shower sets, shower heads, showerheads, sink faucets, lavatory faucets, swan faucets, rotary lavatory faucets, eagle faucets, over counter faucets, bathroom faucets, rotating sink faucets, applique faucets, dish sink faucets, lustration faucets, ball valves, bidets, nozzles with filter, syphons, sanitation, sanitaryware, faucet, tap, mixer, mixture, pipes, flanges, syphon, sink faucet, elbows, shower faucets, mini ball valve, nipples, barber faucet, bathroom faucet, shower set, inlaid kitchen sink faucet, kitchen sink faucet, long faucet, eagle faucet, pissoir syphon, shower faucet, slide shower set, nipple, bathtub faucet, laundry taps, slide shower sets, applique faucet, bidet nozzles, barber faucets, mini ball valves, stop valves, ball valve, gaskets, bidet, plug, shower head, lavatory faucet, kitchen sink faucets, laundry tap, plumbing material, swan lavatory faucets, swan sink faucets, applique sink faucets, double inlet faucets, faucet extensions, globe bidets, short faucets, long faucets, inlaid kitchen sink faucets, rotative sink faucets, pissoir faucets, pissoir syphons, bellow syphons, sanitation material, showerhead, swan faucet, swan lavatory faucet, swan sink faucet, rotary lavatory faucet, over counter faucet, rotating sink faucet, applique sink faucet, dish sink faucet, lustration faucet, double inlet faucet, nozzle with filter, faucet extension, globe bidet, short faucet, rotative sink faucet, pissoir faucet, bidet nozzle
s glassware product, consultancy
SANJAY FORGE PRIVATE LTD. STI.        Hindistan     Anil Dhanania    
s flanges, flange, pipe fittings, pipe fitting, steel pipe, steel pipes
s power plants, cement industry, steelworks, rolling mills, waste incineration plants, mining industry, earthmoving industry, machinery industry, pump, valve industry, automotive industry, marine industry, grate bars, grate plates, cooler and lining plates, segments, hammers, chain links, wear plates, wear bars, blow bars, cone crashers, mantle for cone crushers, crushing ring, chain wheels, idler wheels, bearings, flanges, mining industry
KYS KURKCUOGLU LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Seyit KÜRKÇÜ    
s bearings, pulleys, beds, ball, coupling, belt, taper bushes, systems with taper bush, v belt pulleys, poly v belt pulleys, pulley, belt pulley, belt pulleys, belt profile, belt profiles, pilot bore belt pulley, pilot bore belt pulleys, with taper bush belt pulley, with taper bush belt pulleys, htd timing belt pulley, htd timing belt pulleys, whithworth pitch timing belt pulley, whithworth pitch timing belt pulleys, metric pitch timing belt pulley, metric pitch timing belt pulleys, capt locks, flange, casting products, spare part, bus spare part, brake system, spare parts, automotive spare parts, flanges, undercarriage, sprockets, couplings, plastic products, sheet, wheel rim, automotive spare part, brake systems, battery, accumulator, car spare part, bearing, sprocket, rubber product, power supply, plastic product, bus spare parts, locks, car spare parts, chassis, vehicle body, bonnet, rubber products, engine oil, automotive consumables, pipe profiles, casting product, lube oil, bearing housings, bicycle parts, engine lubricant, vehicle power supply, pipe profile, under frame, taper bushes, bicycle part, variable speed pulley, nonferrous metals, body shell, nonferrous metal, hrc couplings, hrc coupling, ariable speed pulleys, body graund
HITESH STEEL        Hindistan     HITESH BHANSALI    
s anchors, fastners, fittings, flanges, hastelloy, inconel, monel, pipes, plates, sheets
ARMADA DEMIR CELIK SAN. LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s flanges, flat, profile, steel fabrication, template, transmission
s flanges, pipe fittings, flange, pipe fitting
ORAN MACHINERY        Türkiye     Ebru Orancı    
s cnc parts production, fittings, special machines, flanges, form rollers, rollers, custom designed toolings
s balance ball, cleaning balls, concrete pumps, control box repair kit, control cables, couplings, delivery elbows, drum rollers, elbows, flanges, gutter hangers, hydraulic jack, hydraulic piston, hydraulic piston repair kit, impeller, mdz, mixer chute, mixer gutter lock, pin, reducers, seal kit, sealings, shaft, transmixer cooling fan, truck mixer control boxes, truck mixer parts, truck mixers, truckmixer parts, truckmixers, valves, water pump
GARANTI CELIK DIS TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s bars, fasteners, fittings, flanges, pipes, sanitary fittings, sheets, tubes, valve, valves
s elbow, reducer, cap, flanges, bw pipe fittings
GURSAM INTERNATIONAL        Hindistan     rajvinder bath    
s butyl tube, motorcycle tubes, bicycles parts, flanges
s cnc rotary punta, heavy load returns punta, pipe punta, quoted punta, soft feet, mirror, flanges, power mirrors
s steel, steel product, steel products, stainless steel, stainless steel products, pipes, flanges, valves
SUKAR YALITIM SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Cemal ASLANOĞLU    
s drainage systems, wet floor drainage systems, balcony drainage systems, yard drainage systems, floor drainage systems, shower filters, harness filters, insulation filters, garden filters, open land filters, channel grate, manhole, mud pail, skirt shower filters, insulation plinth, adjusted filters, fillet mounted, parapet outlets, corner filters, mud pail drainers, anti-odors, anti-odor filters, manhole covers, filter caps, showers on a level, lower gully bodies, caps, flanges, flange rings, new generation filter case, grates, plain grate shower filters, filters trump model wall type, filters wall type, skirt shower filters trump model, standard model filters, standar model empty case, corner triangular model, harness filters with insulation plinth, flange compatible, membrane mounted, filters compatible to liquid insulation, flange compatible insulation filters, epdm filters, parapets, classical filters, classical garden filters, classical open land filters, corner bolcany filters, channel grate filters, manhole models, drainers, leaf holders, grate models, stainless steel filters, stainless steel cases, stainless steel grates, plastic adjusted filters, twin outgoings, manholes, filter cap connections, rainwater tanks, terrace filters, height adjustable gully caps, epdm filter accessories, air chimney shingle, pvc filter accessories, gully bodies with mesh, garden gullies, outdoor gullies, parking lots gullies, modular drains, modular grates, manhole and covers, classical gullies, supplementary filter products, supplementary gully products, anti-odor units, laterals, kitchen gullies, kitchen filters, caps with height adjustment, gully bodies, grates 1mm, grates 4mm, circular grates, modular gullies, anti-odor units with water, anti-odor units without water, modern anti-odors, caps with stainless steel frame, caps with frames, extension caps, caps with plastic frames, gully caps, gully caps with grate, caps with circular frames, ceramic centered caps, stainless steel caps, lower lateral bodies, lower lateral bodies with insulation skirts, lower vertical bodies with insulation skirts, lower vertical bodies, lower lateral bodies without insulation skirts, lower vertical bodies without insulation skirts, lower lateral with 3 input, lower lateral with single output, drainage, systems, wet, floor, balcony, yard, shower, filters, harness, insulation, garden, open, land, channel, grate, mud, pail, skirt, plinth, adjusted, fillet, mounted, parapet, outlets, corner, anti-odor, covers, filter, showers, level, lower, gully, bodies, flange, rings, new, generation, case, plain, trump, model, wall, type, standard, standar, empty, triangular, with, compatible, membrane, liquid, epdm, classical, bolcany, models, leaf, holders, stainless, steel, cases, plastic, twin, outgoings, cap, connections, rainwater, tanks, terrace, height, adjustable, accessories, air, chimney, shingle, pvc, mesh, gullies, outdoor, parking, lots, modular, drains, and, supplementary, products, units, kitchen, adjustment, 1mm, 4mm, circular, water, without, modern, frame, frames, extension, ceramic, centered, lateral, vertical, input, single, output
CEDISAN LTD.STI        Türkiye     ŞAREF albay    
s couplings, elbows, flanges, reducers
GETRIEBE SCHAFER ANKARA MAKINA LTD. STI.        Türkiye     caner ay    
s axle sleeves, brake discs, break disk, covers, drums, energy, flange, flanges, gear box housings, gear boxes, planet reductor, planetary gearboxes, various types of gearboxes
RSA DIS TIC. A.S.        Türkiye     Ahmet URGANCI    
s steel pipe couplings, tees, caps, carbon steel parts, welded parts, welded elbows, seamless elbows, flanges, flat flanges, welding neck flanegs, flange, couplings, coupling, reducers, reducer, steel forged products, steel products, steel product
s alloy steel pipe fittings, elbows, tees, reducers, flanges, pipeline fittings, steel pipe fittings